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From staining indoor concrete floors to applying epoxy coatings to driveways, we successfully bring added value to any suburban, commercial, and industrial developments. Our more than 30 years of experience is the number one reason why hundreds of clients continues to seek for our concrete design proficiency.

Whether you want to spruce up boring surfaces in and out of your home or you want to splash something unique to your new property construction, Taj Concrete Works LLC is definitely your go-to concrete design company in the UAE.

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We make sure that we let our experience and expertise shine through every surface design that we create. By surface, we don’t only mean your floors. We also inject artistic significance to your dull walls, concrete countertops and even your fifth wall – the ceiling. Furthermore, Taj Concrete Works LLC is proud to be the only decorative concrete design company in the UAE that installs decorative patterns by the world renowned Modello Designs.

Modello Designs is the pioneer in the field of creating decorative masking patterns. It was established in response to the world’s growing need for sophistication in the field of surface decoration. The patterns, also called Modellos, provide special effects to surfaces and make them look more exciting. Upon your request, our crew members who were trained by top design schools in the USA will enhance your property’s surfaces with decorative borders, tile patterns, and embossed or inlaid motifs.

What’s best about Taj Concrete Works LLC is that we don’t only concentrate in providing high-end existing and custom designs and patterns that would leave people in awe. We ensure everything goes smoothly, from day one to finish. We do this by relentlessly offering ongoing communication and making sure we meet every requirement and expectation, giving a client experience that is second to none.

Our professional concrete artisans will work with you face-to-face with nothing else in mind but to deliver outstanding results and guide you through the whole decorative process, from the selecting designs and patterns to the final castings. Our team of experts will turn your brilliant and innovative vision to a masterpiece.

We encourage you to browse through our Products and Modello Designs pages to learn more in details about how we can help you. For free consultation contact +971 55 5600775. We are eager to answer any questions that you have.

Our team of experts will turn your brilliant and innovative vision to a masterpiece


Our team of experts will turn your brilliant and innovative vision to a masterpiece

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Choose from our wide decorative pattern selections. Creating something unique just for you!


Choose from our wide decorative pattern selections. Creating something unique just for you!

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We’re the only professional company in the UAE that provides Modello Designs Stenciling

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Our customer representatives are eagerly expecting for your call. +971 55 560 0775

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