Matthew Burns (Founder)

Matthew Burns - decorativedubaiIn Decorative Concrete, we treat every project that falls in our hands as though it is one of our own. We believe that the sky’s the limit for every project. We do our best to chase after your visions and turn them into something tangible without going beyond your timeline, workspace, and budget restrictions.

With over three decades of practice in the competitive business world, we are the first thing that comes to people’s mind when asked about a company that can deliver artistic concrete designs that underline the significance of quality craftsmanship. Over the years, we have managed to build a strong client base through word-of-mouth alone. Our satisfied clients have helped us expand bigger than we have ever imagined and we can say that it’s mainly because dedication and hard work are most evident in every project that we do

Our Team

Decorative Concrete is the brainchild of Mr. Matthew Burns, who is respected in the field of decorative concrete in the Gulf region. He is continuously striving to exceed client expectations by revolving their work through accrued knowledge and their impeccable attention to aesthetics.

But that’s not all! Greatness is not only embodied by our Mr. Burns, it also flows down to our highly-qualified and internationally trained crew members. We are proud to say that Mr. Burns was taught at a reputable design institution in America, making Him truly adapt to the cutting-edge tools, contemporary designs, and concrete hand-craftsmanship.

Mr. Burns focuses mainly on conveying exquisiteness to a concrete canvas using his more than 20 years of experience in architectural concrete. He is an expert in all things concrete, including applying concrete acid stain, concrete coatings, concrete overlays, and concrete patterns especially those from Modello Designs. From stamping driveways to creating terrazzo floors, Mr. Burns exudes passion in everything that he does.