What is Decorative Concrete and Its Methods

Ddecorative dubai - 2o you feel that your home is getting duller as days go by? If so, then it needs revamping and with this we don’t mean simple repainting. There are a lot of other factors that can be considered when it comes to boosting your home’s appeal. Besides, your walls may still be looking perfect with its current color.

So what should you do? One of the best ways is to redo your concretes! Yes, decorative Dubai concrete, although you have never heard yet, is the newest trend when it comes to renovating homes. They are perfect for adding style and drama to both in and out of your home.

First, let’s discuss what decorative concrete exactly is. Basically, this term pertains to enhancing the look of concrete slabs. Before, concretes are really boring. It’s no wonder people opt more to go for tiles and woods because they come in different patterns, colors, and textures. But now, it’s entirely different. With the coming of decorative concrete age, concretes are now livelier. Cemented walls and floorings now hold aesthetic value.

So what can the art of decorative concrete do to your dull surfaces and platforms? Well, it can turn them into something that’s way better with the use of these different decorative Dubai methods:


Staining is one of the most popular forms of decorating cemented surfaces. It essentially stains the walls and floors in an artistic way. This process involves using chemicals that are acid-based. The effect of these substances will make concretes look more stunning. Craftsman also use dyes and tints to help add more drama to the end product.


This is usually used for floors. The process is literally cutting the concrete in geometrical shapes to produce a great pattern. Most people love this as it makes surfaces look more detailed and elegant. The unique and creative cuts make surfaces become an art form.


This is not simple painting. Applying colors to concretes are more complicated than on regular surfaces. It uses one or more colors that are epoxy-based. This gives any concrete the look of a shiny and smooth walls and floors.


Stenciling concrete floors are walls is one of the most popular methods of decorative concrete. It is also the most stunning of them all because it allows impossible patterns to be applied on surfaces. The patterns and designs are first produced using a computer. Clients will be free to choose on whichever they want, whether it is a medieval-type of pattern or a carpet-looking one, then the craftsman will stencil it to the chosen surface. People usually choose Modello Designs for stenciling.