What is Parquet Flooring and Its Benefits?

parquet-floor-billet-collinsWhen you are having doubts on what floor to use on your new home, trust us when we say that you can never go wrong with a parquet floor. Haven’t heard of it? Let us introduce you.

What is parquet flooring?
Parquet floors means patterned flooring. Unlike tiles and marbles, a parquet is made out of wood that has geometric designs. It is composed of blocks of woods that present a mosaic effect which is commonly known by floor contractors as parquetry.The patterns can be simple shapes to very complex designs. It really depends on the home owner’s choice. Some people prefer simple checkerboard designs but the most popular is the herringbone style.

History of parquet flooring
This type of flooring first emerged in the 1600s. This is the time when home owners are trying to look for a variety when it comes to floorings. Before, there was only marble and plain concrete. The parquet flooring Dubai brought innovation to the way people design their house. It has been joyfully embraced by home owners from all over the world and still being used up to date.

Why choose parquet flooring?

Although parquets are commonly used during the flooring constructions of medieval and country-style houses, this doesn’t mean that you cannot use parquet on your modern or contemporary styled home. In fact, having a parquet flooring can double the appeal of your property’s aesthetics.

Here are some of the main reasons why parquet flooring is actually a great choice.

Brings a luxurious appeal. Back in France in the year 1684, only the elite families can afford to install parquet flooring in their houses. It’s considered one of the most prestigious and modern flooring designs back then. Usually, a parquet floor can be seen at manor houses and banquet halls.

Adds value to your home. Changing your current flooring to parquet is a great investment. As we’ve said, this type of floor brings unmatched elegance that other floors cannot achieve.

Offers versatility. Most interior designers consider parquet when planning a home interior, this is because it is one of the floorings that can suit any design scheme. Whether the material is going to be oak, cherry, teak, or mahogany, a parquet flooring can truly break the monotony of the common modern houses style. Parquet floors can successfully add spice to any home.

Lasts for a long time. When maintained efficiently, parquet floors can last for a lifetime. Even your grand kids will be able to enjoy the beauty of this flooring. Apart from that, it’s very easy to clean. It doesn’t need demanding cleaning. You can simply wipe and broom it from time to time.