Decorative Masking Patterns

Decorative Concrete Dubai is proud to boast that we are the only one in the whole UAE that offers Modello Designs stencilling in concrete facades.

Modello Designs is a company that specializes in producing decorative concrete masking patterns that aim to turn tired or mundane surfaces into something artistic and striking.
Introduced just more than a decade ago, Modello Designs was able to quickly rise above and become the vanguard name in the field of decorative concrete overlays and faux finishes for different types of surfaces.

The painting-like embellishments called Modellos come in different styles and themes. Just by looking at each ornamental templates, you can see that passion for sophistication is evident in every pattern. Modello Designs artistic motifs truly emanate elegance from every angle.

If you don’t find something that exactly meets your desires, you can have patterns that are specifically custom-made, just for you! You can create decorative treatments that are truly one-of-a-kind. From artworks to carpet-looking floors, exclusivity is ensured when you choose to install Modello Designs for your concrete canvass. You can even cherry-pick the adhesive strength and thickness of your patterns, making them more suitable for your project needs.

At Decorative Concrete, we are professionals at mounting Modellos on any concrete surfaces. Be it your walls, ceilings, or floors, we can make the tedious process of applying single-use adhesive patterns into a breeze. Whether your patterns are large-scale medallions or complexly detailed designs, our experienced crew members can take care of everything. From applying colors, acid etching, embossing too and inlaying designs. With our years of experience in the industry, you can rely on that our skills when it comes to the surface application are incomparable. We can install Modellos on Skim stones, Concrete Acid Stains as well as Concrete Dyes.

Indeed, as the creative director of Modello Designs, Melanie Royals, likes to say,

“Decorative concrete just got a lot more decorative.”

With Decorative Concrete and Modello Designs on your projects, you can expect to have durable and well-designed planes in both interior and exterior environments. Together, we open up a whole new world of possibilities.