Modellos in Dubai-uae

Introducing Modello Patterns to be Painting the Walls of Dubai

Modello designs - Decorative Dubai - 3Modello patterns are finally covering the floorings; walls, ceilings and other concrete surfaces in Dubai as Taj Concrete works offer services of these artistic designs and unique patterns done in creative techniques. Normally recognized as “decorative masking patterns”, Modello patterns are described as a the most radical approach to the creation of concrete designs. Patterns that give exceptional elegance, grace, and sophistication to any facility such as hotels, corporate buildings as well as homes and villas.

Forget about those dull and boring walls, floorings or any flatwork, Modello patterns are here to give a touch of artistic styles and design motifs that will surely enhance and bring to life any blank canvass. Complementing the cultural richness and tradition of the Dubai and other Emirates in the Middle East. You can make way of your imaginative ideas and effects since Decorative Dubai can surely work on and meet your desired designs and patterns.

You also don’t have to worry on the size of the concrete surface as Modello patterns are designed to have elaborate and continuous lines making it possible to be applied on any range and sizes of the concrete surface’s dimension. Unlike the traditional stencil process, there is no need to insert breaks or “bridges” into the design. More so, Modello patterns offer the ability to work in either a positive or negative design area depending on how they are “weeded”.

A Modello pattern works from the first step of cutting vinyl materials that will serve as design patterns. The back part of the vinyl is made up a layer of adhesive is placed on a thick, waxy backing paper to protect the adhesive. The preferred pattern is cut using a machine that was finished through a computer program. After that, the patterns are removed, and a special transfer tape is placed over the printed pattern. The special tape holds the pattern together until the adhesive side of the vinyl is exposed. When the Modello pattern is safely secured and polished onto the surface, the transfer tape will now be removed, and “painting” begins.