Industrial Floors

Decorative Concrete Dubai is the region’s leader in providing industrial flooring solutions. Over the years, we have developed and designed several concrete floors for the industrial sectors. Because of our continuously growing portfolio of satisfied clients, we have become a trusted company when it comes to creating industrial floors.

We offer flooring solutions that include concrete staining, epoxy and resin coatings, concrete sealing, waterproofing systems, and concrete resurfacing. Together with these, we provide armoured joints, steel fibres, dry-shake hardeners, decorative finishes, curing and sealing compounds, bonding agents, and formworks.

All of these are dedicated to developing cutting-edge industrial surfaces. Our professional team ensures to combine efficient project management, stunning designs, and flawless structural engineering in every project that we work on.

  • Our industrial flooring technologies offer:
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Unparalleled durability especially in high-traffic areas
  • Long lasting investment
  • Lower-maintenance requirement than other products
  • Fast and efficient installation to allow your business to resume operations immediately
  • Non-slip option for areas that get exposed to oil and water
  • Free repairs for cracks on the floor
  • Supreme chemical resistance quality

Our success didn’t happen overnight. We had to go through a painstaking process of building our name in this business sector. Just like other companies, we started with less than a handful of clients and built our way up from there. Our growth was mostly due to the amazing results that we deliver. It is word-of-mouth and repeats business that brought us to where we are today.

Now, we have been able to work with companies, both mid- and large-scale entities, from different fields such as oil and gas, construction, car workshops, aviation, manufacturing, and laboratories. Our client base just keeps on getting bigger, and it’s a proof that you can rely on us for successful industrial floor installations.

Whether you need new industrial floors for your business or you’re just aiming for renovation, our team of flooring experts can achieve your goals and meet your business flooring requirements. You can expect us to gladly devote time and effort to designing to the installation process.